Tiffany’s Little Stuart Turns One

Ok, so Stuart turned 1 in March. Yes, it’s taken me THAT LONG to slightly narrow down the photos for this post. I told Melodie that I wouldn’t  be able to choose, there are too many amazing shots! She didn’t believe me. Yup, I was right. Maybe I’ll be able to choose which ones I want to print on canvas before he turns 2. That’s another day, another time.

I knew we would all have a blast with this shoot because we’ve already shot with Mel once before with our Maternity Shoot at the Nashville Zoo (before I worked for her, by the way) and Stuart LOVES her. I resisted going onto Pinterest too much before the shoot; too much Pinterest is a bad thing. If you’re not careful, inspiration turns into you comparing your potential project to what looks like perfection and then you’re discouraged and stressed. I didn’t want to worry about what “it had to look like,” I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the session and have Mel capture Stuart’s true character. And that she did (pay attention to Stuart’s expression in the black and white picture of David and I looking at one another in front of the wall. Typical. And Mel is THAT GOOD to where she caught it. She actually caught it on camera!).

We kept it simple and pulled a bunch of Stu’s favorite toys and books from his room – vintage Fisher-Price toys is the theme, in case you couldn’t tell. And we got even luckier when Mr. Sarge (one of our kitties) joined the session for about 5 seconds. After some outside shots with my grandpa’s carpentry tool carrier (which Stuart was photographed in as a newborn), we finished with a Smash Cake in front of his birthday sign from his party.

I”m completely biased of this shoot, of course. My son is freakin’ adorable and I treasure Melodie and think she’s the best photographer on the planet (why else would I work for her?) So, it’s not completely fair that I’m the one writing the blog post.  I’ll leave it up to all of you and let you comment…..but seriously…

COME ONE. Look at this face.


Yeah, you know I’m right.

Thank you, Mel, for immortalizing the craziest and most joyful year of our lives.

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